Ed Staskus is a freelance writer from Sudbury, Ontario, and lives in Lakewood, Ohio.

He writes stories and features on Paperback Yoga http://www.paperbackyoga.com 147 Stanley Street http://www.147stanleystreet.com and Lithuanian Journal http://www.lithuanianjournal.com. He edits Theatre PEI at http://www.peitheatre.com.

The “Monster Hunter” children’s stories are at http://www.theunofficialmonsterhunteroflakecounty.com.

He has written “Dogs Never Bite Me” at http://www.dogsneverbiteme.com “Ricochet” at http://www.slightlyunhappyconstantly.com and the crime thriller “Stickball” at http://www.stanriddman.com.




3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Fast Eddy, I have thought about you often and wonder how you constructed your present all the time since last seeing you, maybe 1978.
    Someone just sent me a link to ‘Making the House’. I still have the photo of the Plaza’s front stairwell. You gave it to me after it was rejected from the May Show. If you have a minute you should come and see it. In Savannah, Ga. I would buy the beer.

    1. Hi Dave, I wrote 2 stories, the 1st is called Wising Up to the Plaza, on the same site. We hardly ever go south, preferring the north, and Canada, but I will mention it to my wife. We’ve never been to Savannah. Maybe we’ll find a minute to visit, we have heard it is historical, funky, interesting.

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